• Weather System

    Water periodically circulates through this system, emerging in a trickle from a faucet in the sky. The water is collected, shuffled, held, and released by an assemblage of gutters to be collected, spilled, leaked, and recirculated by containers below. Lightning and thunder periodically erupt as the cloud attempts to stay dry. Materials: Aluminum gutters, custom electronics and software, pump, plumbing. Dimensions of the entire system are approximately 16x16x3 feet and variable. The process of constructing the system involved continually running water to find leaks in the system and then attempting to control them with more gutters. Adding more pieces tended to shift the existing structure creating more problems, however. The result is patch on top of patch, fix on top of fix. Pots, bowls and cups are employed to catch the remaining leaks, and yet, water still escapes and floods the floor.